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Modern hearing instruments from The Woking Hearing Practice are durable, easy to use and reliable – however a few simple precautions will ensure that they continue to give years of trouble-free service.

Caring for your hearing instrument.

• Avoid getting it dirty – make up or hairspray can easily block a microphone inlets. Please never handle the instruments with dirty fingers!

• Avoid sharp knocks and impact – insert and remove your hearing instruments over a soft surface.

• Protect your hearing instrument from heat – protect them from direct sunlight (at home and in a parked car) and do not leave them near radiators. 

• Protect your hearing instruments from dampness – remove them from your ears before showering, bathing or swimming.

• Do not leave them in the bathroom where they could suffer water damage. Dry any perspiration inside and around the ears regularly. Dampness and condensation can damage the circuitry in your hearing instruments. We recommend that you leave the battery compartments open overnight and use the special drying kits and dryers available from us.

• Ear hygiene – always make sure your ears are clean. If your instrument sounds weak, it may be due to the sound outlet or wax filter being blocked with wax or dirt.

Most important!

Always have repairs carried out by a specialist – screwdrivers and oil can be fatal for hearing instruments. 

Merely touching the electronics or micro-mechanics inside them can lead to irreparable damage.

If you need help with the cleaning and correct maintenance of your hearing aids contact us on 01483 766072.