Oticon is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids.Hans Demant started the company in 1904 and it has grown to become one of the top 3 hearing aid companies in the world. With 3000 people Oticon operates in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 1957 William Demant (Hans's son) and his wife Ida gave their shares in the company to the Oticon Foundation to help people with hearing problems. Oticon is big in hearing aid research often coming out with solutions to help make the obtaining and fitting of hearing aids a more personalised experience for the client.

Oticon's slogan is People First  and a lot of customer involvement goes on behind the scenes before a new product is made available.

If you've been quoted a high price for Oticon hearing aids we'll be delighted to quote you our price!

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Oticon's new hearing aid family is called Oticon Opn. 

Oticon Opn technology uses 50 times faster processing to constantly analyse the whole soundscape in order to present you with a natural, 360-degree sound picture. So you can hear multiple speakers and then choose who to focus your listening on. 

This solution is using Oticon's finest technologies and audiology know how and as a result we believe Oticon sets a very high standard. 

We would particularly recommend Oticon Opn to brand new hearing aid users as we have had pleasing results. Clients with previous Oticon hearing aids from a few years ago will also benefit from better and easier listening.

Oticon Opn provides its users a premium listening experience by raising speech understanding in noise to the next level and importantly reducing listening effort at the same time.

To achieve even greater satisfaction, Oticon Opn enables the hearing aid audiologist to take into account your personal preferences for sound. To do this we employ a new question and answer fitting process. This enables us to tailor a personalised solution that factors in more of the individual listening needs and sound preferences that you have.

Advanced sound processing and effort-saving technologies are used in Opn to give a clear and natural sound.

We particularly like the new design of the mini RITE (receiver in the canal) instruments which use Oticon’s next generation miniFit receivers and improved, comfortable,durable soft domes.  


Oticon Opn has models that support tinnitus treatment. Oticon have developed groundbreaking Tinnitus SoundSupport offering a whole new concept in relief sounds - Oticon's ocean sounds.

Introducing Oticon's ConnectLine

Oticon's connectivity system to help you keep in touch keeps getting better.

We know for you the importance of connectivity is increasing every day. New ConnectLine is the solution that offers the most connectivity opportunities in one integrated system. We can set up and show you how they operate.Using the simple to use new Streamer Pro ConnectLine can be tailored specifically to each client’s needs, so that operation becomes intuitive. Enabling one-on-one communication, telephone streaming, video-chatting, music and TV enjoyment, ConnectLine is the perfect partner to Oticon Opn allowing clients to connect easily, comfortably and wirelessly.


Clear and easy phone communication at home with loved ones and friends.


Hassle-free calls on-the-go that ensure clarity and comfort.

Office Phone

New, easy way to do business on the phone.


Let users enjoy watching TV at your own preferred viewing volume while the family listens at theirs.


Your favourite music played through your hearing instruments.


Communication and interaction to stay informed and be entertained – now plug and play video chatting and other computer based communication solutions.


Hear what is being said in difficult listening environments without frustration.


Enhancing the experience of events such as theatres, lecture halls and religious services.


For hassle-free listening in lectures and groups without the need of a special hearing instrument for FM


For information on Oticon or any other product ranges or to book an appointment please phone 01483 766072.