The Woking Hearing Practice often recommends Phonak hearing aids to our clients. Phonak are a Swiss manufacturer who make excellent hearing aids.They are part of the Sonova group which also owns Unitron. Phonak's UK lab is in Warrington.

Phonak have a good reputation for innovative design. Their build quality is good and their power aids give an exceptionally stong and clear sound.

If you've been quoted a high price for Phonak hearing aids we will be delighted to give you our price !

Phonak Audéo Belong 

Now including a rechargeable version and a made for all mobiles* version

The Phonak  Audéo B ( Belong ) provides optimal support in the most challenging listening situations. It has great sound quality and a discreet, sculptured, modern design. So small,in fact, that it virtually disappears behind the top of the ear.

There is a choice of technology levels at different price levels and an option to help manage tinnitus.

Phonak Audéo B is suited to newcomers to hearing aids and to existing hearing aid users looking for an improvement to their hearing in difficult listening situations.

With a choice of hair and skin colours to enhance discreetness there is something to suit every client's style.

In addition to aids with standard batteries Phonak now also do a rechargeble version called Phonak Audéo B-R.  A simple 3 hours charge during the night gives 24 hours use.

And for hearing aid users who like to stay connected and need to hear their mobile easier the new Phonak  Audéo B-Direct features cutting-edge technology and allows you to connect directly to any Bluetooth® mobile phone*.

It doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android or any other mobile. Just pair your hearing aids and to take the call press a button on the hearing aid and talk hands-free – it’s that easy!

Phonak Audéo B-Direct can also be used with a TV Connector that sends rich and clear sound through the hearing aids direct from your TV or stereo without needing to wear a neck loop! 

* with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and most older Bluetooth phones


Phonak Bolero Belong and Phonak CROS B

In addition to Phonak Audeo B Phonak have announced the further expansion of the Phonak Belong family.

Phonak Bolero B - is a whole new family of Behind-The-Ear (BTE) instruments and is aesthetically appealing in its design and as with the Phonak Audéo B (receiver in the canal) family it runs on the new AutoSense operating system, the central brain of the new Phonak Belong hearing aids and therefore provides a seamless listening experience in every listening situation. 

Phonak Bolero B is water resistant and dust tight to the IP68 rating for extra durability. Covering a wide range of hearing loss levels, there are four new Phonak BTE models M,P, SP and a rechargeable PR version each available in up to four performance and price levels. 

Plus there is an integrated Tinnitus Balance noise generator option which enables us to offer support to sufferers of tinnitus.

In addition the new hearing aids offer wireless connectivity with Phonak's new range of Wireless accessories.

Also available is Phonak CROS B, the new solution aimed at helping clients with single-sided deafness. 

The latest CROS B has further improvements to assist hearing in noise.



Phonak Virto B, the new custom made hearing aids using biometric calibration.

Custom-made to perfectly fit in your ear, Phonak Virto B are the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration, which take your individual ear anatomy and hearing needs into account.Now our clients can enjoy an outstanding listening experience, unique to their individual ear with a hearing aid which is truly customised on the inside and outside.

Over 1600 biometric data points are identified, and the unique calibration settings are calculated for each Virto B hearing aid. In this way, Virto B is able to more reliably sense where sound is coming from, thereby giving you access to better hearing performance.*

The B stands for Belong which is the name given to their latest processing chip that has replaced the previous excellent Venture chip.There are 4 levels of technology,B90,B70,B50 and B30 and therefore there are 4 price levels.

The Virto B90 has features previously held within the Venture range including Binaural VoiceStream which is the technology that enables the left and right hearing aids to wirelessly communicate with each other to obtain the clearest speech understanding in noise.The B90 types offer a host of features to further enhance clarity including 20 processing channels to enable the audiologist to be more precise with programming the aids to an individual's specific requirements and also AutoStereoZoom which zooms in on the voice that you most likely to want to hear plus other features called WhistleBlock,NoiseBlock and EchoBlock.

Phonak also have a strong range of accesories to go with their wireless enabled aids including an attachment to the TV that streams via a bluetooth neck worn device that sends great TV sound to your hearing aids thus ensuring that the TV is heard by everyone at the correct volume level for them.

In summary the Phonak Virto B90 ranges are feature packed and provide excellent hearing capabilities ,if however the B70 is more to your liking financially it is also a classy performer whilst not having binaural communication and slightly fewer processing channels it still comes highly recommended.The range is rounded off by the B50 and B30 which are good performers for clients with a less demanding exposure to noisy sound environments.

* Field Study News under development. Full details available in August 2017 at

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