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     " Thank you ever so much for a straight forward, efficient service. Julian is very good at explaining each step in the process and is very knowledgeable with anything hearing related. Would definitely recommend! " Elicia Levy

     My hearing has been deteriorating for a while, and as a musician this is of some considerable concern. I was using NHS hearing aids before trying private; they are like chalk and cheese. To say I have benefited from having good quality hearing aids is something of an under-statement. But of course for them to work you need someone to help who really understands what YOU need. Julian does just that - he will spend as much time as needed to fully understand and fit the right device. I am a very satisfied customer". M.Perman

" I was thrilled with the quality of service that Julian provided for my elderly father, especially that he does home visits. He is certainly an expert in his field of audiology and his advice on what type of hearing aid best suited my father was spot on - highly recommended". Beverley Ames-Rooks

      " I have been a hearing aid user for over 35 years and have had dealings with many audiologists and hearing aid dispensers - well into double-figures! Without doubt, Julian at The Woking Hearing Practice has been the person I have felt most comfortable with. Since meeting him, he has been extremely patient and flexible whilst I tried out various aid models and with the new Starkey aid I now have, he has spent a lot of time with me setting it up to suit my needs. I would unreservedly recommend him to anyone wanting clear, unbiased and objective advice about hearing aids."  Mike Farthing

       " I was hugely impressed with Julian Goad from The Woking Hearing Practice. He spent the time to take a thorough hearing test and explained all the products available to me. The follow up service he gave, and continues to give, is exceptional. I can only say that Mr Goad gave a first class service which is so rare these days and I doubt one could better it elsewhere."  Terri Wakely

        " I recently found this practice on the internet when searching for a hearing aid. I had never had one before and was slightly daunted by the number of aids on the market. I have to say the service I received was first class, and cheaper than the high street shops. Cannot recommend highly enough. If you want a good one to one service in your own home this is the one for you."   Cathy A.

         " I recently had to encourage my elderly Mother to have her ears tested. I found this practice through Google. As they were local I contacted them. Their service was prompt and their interaction with my Mother was really caring and gentle. At 83 years she was quite nervous about it. We received really good advice on the type of hearing aid she needed, there was no pushy sales stuff and everything was explained clearly. 

She now has new hearing and we can't stop her talking :) We were very happy with the service we received and have continued to receive. We would definitely recommend this company for cost, service and product."  Sally Powell

         " Julian Goad offers a service that is second to none, the sort of service that you deserve but seldom get. He takes the time to explain everything fully. You will be amazed what a difference properly tested and fitted hearing aids can make to your life. 

I would recommend The Woking Hearing Practice to anyone. He will do your hearing test in your own home and come and fit your hearing aid. He then does a follow up visit to make sure everything is working properly and then arranges another visit in 6 months time. He is always on call if you have a problem. This is definitely a 5 star service. "  Dee Dawber

          " Dear Mr. Goad, In addition to your being a fully qualified hearing aid practitioner you are so patient and so caring. When I have needed further attention in dealing with the new aids the alacrity of your response is amazing and gratifying. The extra confidence the new hearing aids have given me both at the office and day by day is fantastic, I am so grateful. Anyone taking advantage of this recommendation will not be disappointed. With best wishes, "  Lavinia Truett 

           " Dear Mr. Goad, Thank you for visiting me the other day when I needed to have my hearing aids checked.I have worked out that you have now been looking after me with my hearing aids for 10 years and I wanted to let you know that I have been most pleased with the hearing aids that you have supplied and also to thank you for your visits to my home for check ups etc. I have always been happy to recommend you at The Woking Hearing Practice to anyone I meet who I think needs a bit of help with their hearing! Yours sincerely, "  Gwen Hunt

           "  I would recommend Julian Goad at The Woking Hearing Practice to anyone. He came to my home and did my hearing test. I needed 2 hearing aids and he came and fitted them and then came back 2 weeks later to make sure everything was working properly. He offers a great service which is very rare these days. I would recommend him to anyone. The difference he has made to my life is unbelievable."   Eddie